You’ve tried getting media coverage but nothing’s happening. You’ve sent stuff to your favourite publications but you don’t get a reply. Not even a “no thanks”. Just silence.

Sound familiar?

It’s something I hear a lot. Brilliant businesses that just can’t seem to catch the attention of journalists.

When people tell me what they’ve tried, there’s usually one thing they have in common. They’re missing that fundamental ingredient – a NEWS story. In the eyes of a journalist, anything that looks remotely like sales goes straight in the bin.



Without a


Your event, your latest product or your expertise won’t get a look in if you’re focusing on what’s happening in your business rather than showing them why their readers might care about what you’ve got to say.

You need to know the publication, understand their readers and have a strong angle or news hook. If you’re in a crowded marketplace, you have to be really honest with yourself and ask what’s new or different about your story. Sometimes, you need a radical rethink about what makes you stand out. But often it’s just about rearranging your information so the interesting stuff comes out first.

There are all sorts of other things that can help push your story to the top of the pile. Relationships with journalists, good photos, a well-written pitch or press release, to name only a few. But you have to start with the story.

If you’re stuck, let me know.