So, you want to get your business in the media? You probably know it’s a great way to get in front of your ideal customers, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

Editorial coverage has far more credibility than any advertising or marketing campaign, but unless you have a flow of newsworthy stories, attracting media attention can be a bit of an art. So, I’ve put together a few simple tips to help you get noticed for all the right reasons!

  1. The first step is to be clear about your ideal customer. Who do you want to reach? Where do they get their information from? What publications do they read? What TV programmes and radio stations do they tune in to?
  2. Using this information, start to build a list of your target media. Spend time researching each publication/programme to gather email addresses, phone numbers, deadlines, and lead times.
  3. Get to know the style and content of each media outlet. You need to read/listen/watch repeatedly to get a proper picture of the sorts of stories they cover and the angle they take. This will also help you identify the most relevant journalists for your business.
  4. Consider your strongest opportunities for coverage. Journalists won’t be interested in anything which sounds like self-promotion – you need to have a good story. This could be a major business milestone, an event, an innovative new product or service, research findings or award wins. You may be able to offer a feature idea – such as a different opinion on a common issue, or perhaps you have an interesting back story to your business.
  5. A well-crafted, concise press release is often the best place to start. Journalists are incredibly busy, so you need to catch their attention quickly. Put the most important information at the top,  and tell the story using plain English. Include a quote, contact details and a good quality photograph.
  6. Twitter can be a good way to engage with journalists if you have a relevant story to share. It’s also worth following #journorequest for potential opportunities.
  7. A media pack can be an effective way to approach journalists. This should tell them more about you and your business, and highlight your specific expertise. Tell them what’s interesting about you and how you can add a fresh view on a particular subject.

It takes time and effort to build relationships with journalists but once they realise you are a source of reliable information, they will be more receptive to your pitch ideas in the future. Don’t give up if you are not getting coverage straight away, tweak your ideas, try a different angle and make sure you focus on appealing to their specific readership.

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